Welcome to the Gunstream PTA website!


Here you will find links to the services offered by your PTA.  Please visit our website often to stay informed of Gunstream PTA school happenings including events and activities.


PTA is a vital part of our school. We encourage you to join the PTA and to volunteer within our school.  We believe that a strong parent/teacher partnership is beneficial to our children’s success. We welcome your participation and hope you will stay connected with your PTA!     



Gunstream Spirit Night 

Thank you students and parents for coming out to the Spring Creek Spirit Night last month! We raised $1,200 for our school!



Gunstream Multicultural Night






If you would like to volunteer or attend school parties, Frisco ISD requires a background check. It only takes 5 minutes to complete.


To help keep parents informed, clarify questions, and share pictures or reminders we have created grade specific Facebook pages. If you'd like to join a specific grade just click on the links below. Gunstream PTA also has a Facebook page that provides helpful reminders about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, or how to get involved.

Laura Morin
Israel Corpus
Gerri Swanson